Learning About Audio-Visual Equipment

fc2日本免费共享视频18Teachers, entrepreneurs, the IT department: These are just a few of those familiar with presenting to a crowd, and they all understand the importance of audio-visual, or A/V, components. Your presentation's success relies in no small part on the audio-visual systems you use. From projectors and screens to remotes and microphones, there's a lot to consider when you're putting together everything you need for your office or mobile presentation kit.

How to Make an Audio-Visual Presentation Effective

Quality projectorsfc2日本免费共享视频18 are necessary for presentations because they offer a bright display, even in rooms with the lights on. For example, if you purchase a standard projector meant for watching films in the dark, you won't get the same performance. That's why you should take a close look at the features and specifications of projectors before you buy:

  • Throw ratio
  • Zoom
  • Inputs
  • Resolution

fc2日本免费共享视频18The throw ratio is how you can determine how far away you need to set up your projector when using it. Without having the proper ratio for a certain size of screen, you'll end up with image distortion. That's where zoom comes in handy, because it can help offset image distortion if you have to place your projector closer or farther away.

fc2日本免费共享视频18Knowing about all of your A/V equipment is important because you need to ensure your projector has the proper inputs for the other electronic devices you might use. Resolution is important for your audience, as the higher the resolution of your projector, the clearer your picture will be, from the front row to the back.

While you could project your audio-visual presentation onto a blank wall, it's going to look crisper on a screen meant for demonstrations. Several types of screens are available, whether you're shopping for your IT department or you need one for your personal presentations.

For an auditorium or other space where you need a more permanent solution, you might want to consider fixed frame screens that mount to a wall. A manual projection screen can be pulled down when you need it and rolled up when it isn't. Mobile presenters may want to look at tabletop screens, which are smaller and more portable.

Audio-Visual Equipment Accessories

The video presenters and accessories you need include the little things that you might not have considered. For big presentations, you want to make sure everyone in the room can hear you, see you, and maybe even participate in the conversation. To do that, you'll need a microphone that can be easily passed around, and perhaps a Bluetooth-enabled multi-directional speaker. Document presenters make it easy to project anything on a piece of paper to a whole room. Is some or all of your audience not on location? You could consider video conferencing systems, which include a camera, speakers, microphone, and remote control for an all-in-one solution for connecting with those who aren't physically present for the presentation.

Whichever pieces of audio-visual equipment you buy, you're sure to keep your audience engaged. Check out the clever picks at B&H Photo and Video to find all the components you need for your next presentation.

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